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The Soldiers of Fortune Series



A knight must choose between the woman he loves and the woman he is to marry

1357 Ancelin Montfort, a knight who fought in the battle of Poitiers, returns to England as heir to his father’s earldom. After his former carefree life as the second son, all he has to look forward to now is marrying so that he can produce heirs of his own.

Emma has loved Ancelin since they met and her love for him has grown during his two-year absence. Now that he’s home, she’s ready to take her place beside him as his wife, but he seems to be more interested in his widowed sister-in-law than in her. The more time they spend together, the more she realises that he’s not the same man she fell in love with.

There’s no question in Ancelin’s mind that he’ll marry the woman his father wants him to marry, until he begins to wonder about how Emma passed the days, and nights, while he was gone. With their wedding only days away, Ancelin has to consider the possibility that Emma is carrying another man’s child.

Can Emma convince Ancelin of her innocence? Does she want to?

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England 1357 – Mark Montfort is determined to prove to his older brothers that he is capable of looking after himself. When a beautiful woman asks for his help, he is ready to assist her, regardless of the danger to both of them.

Tilda Merys is to be married to a much older man. She knows he will be marrying her for her wealth, but learns that he intends to kill her for it. Mark seems to be her best hope, but he demands her body as payment. Tilda has little choice and they set off on a journey more dangerous than they could have imagined. Mark and Tilda discover that betrayal takes many forms.

The Monk’s Tale is available here.



1356 After the Battle of Poitiers and the defeat of the French, there’s not much for a knight like Stephen Montfort to do in Gascony, but he’s made a vow not to return to England. At his captain’s suggestion, they both remain in Bordeaux, waiting for the opportunity to improve their fortunes.

For years Stephen’s captain, Roger de Calais, has hidden herself as a soldier and she has loved him almost as long. It is a love she can never express, for, if she reveals herself, she will be killed.

What will happen to her when Stephen falls in love with the man he believes his captain to be?

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Aymer Montfort has been a mercenary for ten years, but it’s time for him to return home and make his peace with the brother who accused him of murder. He is less than enthusiastic when he is persuaded to take a beggar with him to England.

Melissant de la Chapelle set out on a pilgrimage with a father and servants. After their murders, she’s alone and penniless. She has been begging in Calais for a month when Aymer rescues her. His kindness makes it easy for her to fall in love with him, but all he seems to care about is ridding himself of her as soon as possible.

The journey home is more dangerous than either of them could have imagined.

The Mercenary’s Tale is available  here.

Medieval Stories:

Beloved Besieged


Limoges 1364 – When Joscelin saves Elaine’s life in a religious riot neither expects to see the other again. Six years later Joscelin returns to Limoges with an army and lays siege to Elaine’s home. When the army enters the town he has to get to her before anyone can harm her… or worse.


Beloved Besieged is available here.

The Traitor’s Daughter


It is October 1338 and England has been at war with France for a year. Lady Alais de Montjoye is travelling to her wedding where she is to be married to a man she has not seen in four years. Her journey takes her to Southampton on the morning it is attacked by the French. Rescued from certain death by Sir Hugh de Liss, Lady Alais finds that doing her duty by her betrothed husband might not be as easy as she thought.
Sir Hugh knows that Lady Alais is the daughter of a man who fought against the king he now serves, but cannot deny the attraction between them. As they begin their journey north, neither of them can imagine where the conflict between duty and desire will take them.

The Traitor’s Daughter is available here.

The Winter Love

The Winter Love

England, October 1357
Days before she is due to take her vows, Eleanor de Wrey is kidnapped from her convent by Henry Attewood, a soldier returning home from France. He declares himself her rescuer, but she is not so sure. They join the ship of Henry’s brother, a wine merchant, Edward. Both brothers are attracted to the young nun, but all Eleanor wants is to get back to her convent. None of them knows what it will cost them before she can return.

The Winter Love is available here.

His Ransom

His Ransom

Richard de Charimaux arrives in England as a prisoner after the battle of Poitiers. He is not able to pay his ransom and his family is unwilling, so he must serve the man to whom the ransom is owed. Homeless, kingless, crippled and speaking little English, Richard must find his place in a hostile household which believes he is the enemy and has no value. He soon decides that he belongs by the side of his captor’s daughter.

Rosamunde has been left in charge of the castle by her father who has yet to return from France. She views the Frenchman as an unnecessary burden, since it will cost more to keep him than he will ever be able to pay off. Then she finds out why her father sent him to her and her view of him changes.
For Richard, Rosamunde is the distant, virtuous woman he has always hoped to meet, but he has nothing to offer her. For Rosamunde, Richard represents the French who killed her fiancé.
His Ransom is available here.

Regency Spies:

The Heart That Lies


She wants revenge. He wants to catch a murderer. Will their lies keep them apart?

In the summer of 1811 the Earl of Meldon is trying to unmask the murderer of a fellow spy. He is diverted from this task by the arrival of a young woman in his house. The last thing Meldon wants is another distraction from fighting the French, let alone a distraction who’s clever enough to work out what he’s doing.Lady Anna is homeless and penniless. London is a dangerous place for a woman on her own, but Anna will go to any lengths to kill the man responsible for her brother’s death.Neither of them knows the dangers they’ll face if they can’t tell one another the truth.

The Heart That Lies is available here.

The Heart That Hides


In the spring of 1812 Regency spy Edmund Finch returns to London after a failed mission on the Continent. Physical and mental exhaustion keep him away from society for some time, but when he returns to it he is introduced to a beautiful woman who steals his heart. Is she, however, a fit woman to be the mother of his young son? And what of Sophia, a young woman whose intelligence delights him, but who has attracted the attention of his closest friend’s nephew. Finch’s friends fear that he is not in a condition to make the right choice. Finch can only follow his heart, when he understands it.

The Heart That Hides is available here.


The Heart That Wins


In early 1815 it seems that the war with Bonaparte is over, but Sophia Arbuthnot is not so sure. When she learns that the exiled Emperor is about to reclaim his throne, she flees to Paris where she meets the man whose proposal of marriage she rejected two years before.
Captain John Warren has fought his way from Spain to Paris in an effort to put Sophia behind him, but now he has to face up to the choices he made as a boy. Before things can be resolved between them, they both have to face up to the choices that they made and confront the French spy who is working against them. Can first love have a second chance?

The Heart That Wins is available here.